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Guus Letschert - President (2013 - present)

 Christiane Arriens - Co-founder SKS Netherlands(2006-2013)

      Ir. Bart Draijer - Treasurer
                                      Akke de Jong BA - Liaison Officer

Additional members to support the Board of Directors SKS Netherlands are:  



                      Jorine Koster                 Bilal Al Mashta          

  Jelle Draijer      Wanda van Ernst  Henk den Boer




In addition to the operational side of our Lombok branch we appointed 
Mr. Ahmad Saufi expert Eco Tourism, Mr. Martha Dinata liaison officer for Ketara, and Ir. Bart Draijer was assigned the post of Project Director.
                                               Adi Boreel - President 
Jos Vogelpoel -Secretaris      Former President YKS - Karen Tambayong
 Akke de Jong - Treasurer YKS and her counterpart Irawansyah Tasrif - Co-founder and Legal Advisor
   Akhmad Saufi - Co-Founder Lombok 

         Daance Boreel - Building Expert
Mohammad Djaeni - Agricultural Expert (Bogor) 


Delegation of interests in another structure


To ensure the commercial success of the Rosella Lombok Pride, the commercial activities of this project in another legal entity; 

The PT Rosella Lombok Pride ? Banyumulek, Lombok NTB


Organisational Structure

More on this subject will be explained in the Memo Bart Draijer will prepare for the Board of Directors YKS. Guidance and support will be given by the YKS to ensure the self supportive aspect to make the entrepreneurship and viability of this project with the expertise of Lalu Martadinata. The organic nature of the Rosella Teh, as well as the exclusive use of the other products like Kopi Beber are submitted to obtain the respective Food Certificate.


   Lalu Akhsan Annan - Managing Director


Ibu Ace Robin - Commissioner (photo to be inserted) 



Andy Diswandi Secretaris and Economic Expert 



 Hussein - Commissioner (photo to be inserted Eco-Tourism)




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